New videos from Lux Elements on YouTube [17.01.14]

From 2014 Lux Elements is presenting a total of 45 new videos in four languages on its redesigned YouTube channel. The company published its first assembly video here in 2010. It has been viewed 250,000 times since then.

The new assembly and product videos show the areas of application and the processing of the construction panels from the Element product group and the flush with the floor showers from the Tub product group. Special fields of application are also dealt with, such as the assembly of shower bases on wooden floors or as a replacements for bath tubs. The Lavado washstands with their floating design are also presented in a short film. All videos from each product group are gathered together in language-specific playlists and can be played one after another.

The films can also be found on the Lux Elements homepage under menu item Service.

The ‘Videos’ button is integrated directly on the start page of the mobile homepage

If you subscribe free of charge to the YouTube channel you will be informed automatically about further

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