Theory and practice - all under one roof

We have a modern training centre in Leverkusen, where we hold individual professional seminars and carry out theoretical and practical training, in several languages, about how to use our products.

A specially made building of approx. 600 sqm, which opened in 2008, offers all the spatial and technical facilities required to provide the perfect seminar day.

A special feature is our exhibition, which visually displays all products, starting with a construction panel and going right up to a completely individualised wellness design. Apart from this there are conference rooms, a coffee bar and a large practical area available.

We have developed a comprehensive training concept, in order to provide a wide target audience with specific know how in as many specialised areas as possible.

The individual parts contain both theoretical and practical proceedings. Benefit from our experience.

Here is what we offer:


LUX ELEMENTS - Training centre

The LUX ELEMENTS product range and special applications for you! Possible design options for wellness constructions to meet your needs. Everything is possible. Trainings for professionals on current themes aimed at specific target groups, e.g. technology, concepts, design. Development of partner concepts using synergy effects. Win new markets together! Tips and instructions about installing the hard foam support elements. Benefit from our know how! Intensive trainings to meet your needs, e.g. for selected product groups or special topics.


Training centre
a completely individualised wellness design
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